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Monday, June 18, 2018

Kitchen Items I Am Loving

If you caught my Instagram stories over the weekend, you know that I am in the midst of a major kitchen transformation! If you missed it, be sure to check out my story highlights to catch up on the progress there (once I am completely finished I will be posting the full tutorial).

My style is classic and timeless. I like to mix basic white dishes with fun pops of color in my glassware, linens and server pieces. I wanted to share my top 25 favorite items in my kitchen with you all.

These chargers are great for all seasons. The natural color makes them easy to mix and match various colors of plates and napkins. They easily transition from summer to fall to spring and are a classic.

These pretty scalloped plates add a soft feminine touch and interest to your tablescape. Mix and match them with basic white dishes and smaller plates/bowls that have a pattern. In the holiday months, I will mix these with gold and white plates.

If the feminine scalloped touch isn't your thing, add a pop of blue with these gorgeous dishes! They just scream "oh, just these old vintage plates I found on my trip to Italy." The price tag doesn't hurt either.

These glasses are just fun. Serve lemonade with circle lemon wedges on the side for a summery drink on your porch.

Blue and white is my favorite color combination and always a classic. It creates a soft look and is very peaceful. Even if I am serving food with plain white dishes, I like to add a pop of color with fun napkins. Cloth napkins can set the tone and theme for your dinner party.

When I first spotted this beauty I couldn't believe that it was melamine. We eat so many meals on the porch, I like to use plastic when I can so no one gets injured if there is an accident. This piece is an example of form and function working harmoniously to create the perfect hostess gift.

If you like to cook, you will love owning Kitchenaid. Despite all the rave of the wedding industry pressure to own one, these bad boys really are a great investment. Once I finally purchased mine it made my life so much easier. I used a hand mixer before, and this machine allows me to multi-task seamlessly while cooking.

I love European decor influences, French and Italian in particular. Originally I wanted all copper cookware until I was gifted a copper pot and realized just how tedious the maintenance is. This caddy is the best of both worlds. It provides the look of copper without all the clean-up. I love mixing in copper and gold where I can to illuminate a space.

Not only is this mill gorgeous to look at (seriously beautiful with all tablescapes), but you can adjust the grind from fine to coarse, allowing you more control of your spices when cooking.

10,11,12) Plain White Dishes - Dinner, Salad, Bowl
I like classic white dishes for everyday use. No muss, no fuss. They are inexpensive and easy to replace if you break one and they go with everything.

These might seem silly to you, but I like my entire house to feel like it flows together, even the little things like cleaning products. I have been using these spray bottles for certain grocery-store cleaning products as well as homemade cleaning products. I make a homemade insecticide and bug spray using essential oils and these are great for holding them. 

I think I am with most of America in my love of Chip & Joanna Gaines. Their story is very inspiring and their lifestyle is oh-so-appealing to me. This cookbook's photography is beautiful and the recipes are great for "gathering" as the description says. I like to display it in my kitchen.

The devil is always in the details. I love this gold hammered paper towel holder. It makes a utility item look so much prettier.

This soap pump is so easy to use one-handed when you've got food on your hands.

Illuminate your table with this gorgeous set of gold flatware. I have looked long and hard for the perfect shape and color gold and this one takes the cake....oh and did I mention it's on sale?

These are so cute and classic. I love the detail of the bee. It takes a what would be plain glass and makes it chic and interesting.

With the laurel insignia, this stoneware crock/vase easily fits into farmhouse style or a classic patina-inspired kitchen.

20) Keurig
I love the color of this keurig, so much so that we swapped out our black one for this. It helps keep the color scheme of my kitchen alive and also pours a great cup of joe. This color is being discontinued so grab yours before it's gone.

I'm slightly obsessed with this cutting board. When I found this collection I started purchasing all of the various sizes and shapes for a collection.

You may have to search a few different places to find each one, but I've linked where I found all of mine. I love this giant rectangular cutting board as a serving board for cocktails.

In an effort to clear my countertops, I finally ditched the traditional knife block and purchased this. It always felt aggressive to have large knives on display anyways. 

I love this piece because I can expand and contract it as I please for whatever size I need. 

I talked about this soap when I first started my blog and got a few people HOOKED. It smells amazing. I have a very strong sense of smell, and this soap puts me in such a good mood every time I use it. 

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