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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dining Room Plans

Looking back on 2017, we have made so many updates to our home. We invested in a new outdoor dining table set, purchased a king bed to accommodate my huge husband (his feet would always hang off the end, ha!), updated several kitchen items with white and airy piecess from our registry, and moved our former master bedroom furniture into the guest room, killing two birds with one stone. 

Even with all of the progress we made, I still get irritated that it isn't finished. I know I should be happy and feel thankful for the updates we have made, and I am, but each room that is sitting untouched bugs the heck out of me. The latest giving me the blues? Our dining room. You're going to look through the photos and say to me...."ummmm it looks perfect to me!" It's not. We have been borrowing the table and chairs from my FIL, and he wants them back. So here we are, back to square one.

(We own the two end chairs which have now become my office chair and my vanity chair)

I decided with the formal table and chairs going, I need to sell my sideboard because it is too formal for the room I'm planning. Luckily, I know a buyer that thinks they go lovely with his table and chairs. ;) I'm happy to keep this piece in the family.

When I first started working on my dining room, I wanted to create a room that was formal. We have been borrowing this formal set now for 3 years, and let me tell's been a pain in the neck. "Careful, here's a coaster!!" "Um can you use a placemat for that?" When my sister's kid comes to town it's "let me just cover this entire area with towels."

It's been a drag to feel so uncomfortable entertaining. That's all about to change. I am OVER the dream of a formal dining room.

....This all leads me to my new favorite home design book of all time, Patina Farm. You can follow my board on Pinterest with images from it here. Gorgeous is an understatement when talking about this home. The first time I saw it, I had an 'aha' moment. This is the house I have always wanted but could never quite put my finger on ideas for the design, and here it is...completed to perfection. Laid out in front of dream home! When I said I wanted a farm house to my husband, this was wha I had been dreaming of all along. It's Italian features (they call it French, but I see so much Italy), stonework, gorgeous tended gardens, vegetable and herb gardens, and effortless style just make me swoon. After looking through the images, I had my idea.

(Image Source: Patina Farm)

I love the imperfect, chipped away paint on the table, the various cutting boards, and the skirted seats with linen that runneth over. I could see myself having breakfast here every morning and feeling that every flaw added to the table would bring it more character. This is the kind of dining area I want.

After doing more research on ideas, I stumbled upon a similar type of design but with a modern influence. 

After looking through countless inspo pictures, I decided on this as my plan. I want to keep all of the decor neutral, so that the food I serve and my seasonal decor act as the stars of the show. I am still considering a round table, but I do feel that round only works for certain rooms. In order to have a round table work, the room needs to be square or rather large, so for now I am planning on getting a rectangular table that seats six and that is extendable. For the chairs, I decided to do a skirted seat with arms and back pillows so that everyone is comfortable at the table and to create some cohesiveness. Rather than buying another sideboard, I am considering getting a large console table and placing two upholstered benches underneath to add warmth and coziness. For my accents, I am considering using a hide rug so that I don't have to worry about stains. I also want to use European- inspired accents pieces to keep the room feeling light, and give the illusion of "found" items. I also love the idea of using sconces on both sides of the console rather than lamps to create more room on the console for decor or food.

Stay tuned as I share the individual items I choose on my Instagram and Instagram stories!!

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