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Monday, December 11, 2017

Snow Day in Atlanta

Is there anything better than a snow day?! I'm sure the people tuning in from the north certainly think there is, but living in the south we know a) we get to get off work early, and b) it won't last for more than a few days. I woke up Friday morning, and looked out the window to find small patches of snow around our road. I instantly went outside to get pictures thinking that it was all just a flurry! 

Little did I know, it was going to last all weekend and snow for almost 12 hours straight.

I did what anyone would do in this situation...I tried to stay outside all day to embrace this seldom opportunity. My husband and I were lucky to hit the grocery store first thing that morning. We all know how people in Atlanta react about snow, thanks to the "snowmageddon" of 2014. We wanted to make sure we grabbed the necessities before there was nothing left but energy drinks and canned meat. Necessities like all of the ingredients to make s'mores...and some prosecco....and hot cocoa.  What can I say, I live through cheap marketing ploys that get me to buy "snow food." I will say, the marketing worked and I wasn't disappointed with our frivolous grocery dash. 

One good thing about having a wood-burning fireplace and a fire pit is that you are never short on firewood. We bought a cord of firewood to entertain guests with right before Thanksgiving, and it saved us over the weekend. The first night of our snow storm, the lights were flickering and the heat kept shutting off. My mind instantly imagined my husband and I building a fort in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa to stay warm. Am I the only one with these childish fantasies?  Just me? I blame too much TV as a child.

The next day, we woke up to a full 8 inches of snow outside. I know some of you are laughing, but that is a BIG deal in the south. Our DOT doesn't have the resources on-hand to handle snow like this, and need to know ahead of time to be prepared to handle the roads. Not to mention, most of the people who live here aren't used to driving in these conditions. My husband luckily has a pretty sturdy truck with big tires, so we went riding around where we felt the conditions would be safe. We couldn't believe the amount of vehicles that were abandoned on the sides of the road! They were in neighborhoods, several people had to abandon at the bottom of steep hills, not to mention all the luxury vehicles that had clearly slid off the road into ditches. It was crazy. 

Once we made it back home, I made us some hot cocoa with my favorite ingredient: roasted marshmallows. We couldn't get our fire pit to light because of all moisture, so I used a quick and easy back-up plan: my kitchen torch. I love getting creative with add-ons for hot cocoa! Sometimes I will add a peppermint stick, or sometimes I'll add some peppermint schnapps ;). Any way you mix it, my husband and I love cocoa because we had it on our first anniversary together at the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Christmas light show. It's still a fun memory looking back, when we hid in the bathroom to pour schnapps into our drinks before we walked around to tour the garden.

We had such an amazing weekend, playing in the snow. We may not have a white Christmas this year, but I'm happy we got to experience a little taste of winter and all of the magic it has to offer. 

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