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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Raspberry Cosmopolitan Jello Shots

There's something about New Year's Eve that gives me the desire to make jello shots. Going to an SEC school, jello shots became synonymous with a celebration for me. I started making these classier-looking jello shots my senior year of college when I hosted my first NYE party with a few friends. I was in charge of the food and alcohol for the party.

The one request from the guys I received was to make jello shots. I was resistant at first because I thought they were so tacky. I usually see mismatching colors of jello shots served in cups that are holding way too large of a portion, which was always unattractive to me. I started looking for  way to serve them that would look more sophisticated and came up with this solution. 

I decided to do a little experiment. I used a baking dish and an ice cube mold to see which one would produce better looking shots. I was sure that the ice cube mold would make them look perfect.

I was wrong. After trying 3 different methods of removing the jello carefully from the mold, all 3 resulted in the same, terrible way...a glob.

After removing the jello from the baking dish lined with plastic wrap, I found that it was a much better way to create a more unified look for the shots.

These shots are a hit wherever I take them! I found these cute edible star sprinkles on amazon, and used them to garnish the tops of my shots for New Years. If I'm making these in the summer or spring, I usually liked to use rainbow sprinkles for birthday parties or a lemon or lime zest for other types of parties. Any way you serve them up, they are a tasty a fun treat to make for bachelorette parties, holiday events, or a girl's night!

Raspberry Cosmo Jello Shots

Preparation:  5 min Cool Time: 4 hours Total Time: 4 hours
Serves: 25-30 shots

          1 cup of hot water
          1/2 cup vodka
          1/2 cup cold water
          1 package of raspberry lemon jello
          Sprinkles or zest from a lemon or lime for garnish


          1) Pour jello packet into a large bowl. Add hot water and mix until all of the jello packet has dissolved.
          2) Once dissolved, add your vodka and the cold water to the bowl and mix.

          3) Line a baking dish with foil or plastic wrap. Pour the mixture into the baking dish.

          4) Place the dish in the fridge for 3-4 hours, or until set.

          5) Once your jello is set, lift the foil/plastic wrap from the baking dish, holding the jello, and place on a 
               flat surface. Using a knife or square cookie cutter, begin cutting squares out of the jello. 

          6) Place the squares onto a serving dish and garnish with sprinkles or zest.


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