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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Garland Tutorial

I am so thrilled with how my first fresh greenery garland came out! I have always loved the way fresh greenery looks in homes for the holidays, but felt that it would be extremely challenging to make one myself. I was wrong. This garland only took me about 45 minutes in total to make, and you can make this just as easily for your own home!

Fresh garlands look and smell amazing! They give your home instant charm and warmth for the holidays. I love tying a thin ribbon into a big floppy bow for the top and the bottom banisters to finish the look. I feel like it gives the garland a feeling of whimsy. If you want your garland to look more polished and traditional, I'd recommend making two large bows with a few different types of ribbon, and keep the greenery tight in the garland.

For our holiday party this year, I decided to serve these delicious cranberry mojitos in wine glasses to make the drink more festive and formal. I placed them at the front entrance by my garland so guests could grab one as they enter. You can snag my recipe for them here.


I looked at a few other tutorials before making my own, and saw that many other DIYers recommend using a rope. I like the idea because you can throw away the entire garland once you're done with it but I instantly realized an issue with this method. Last year for Thanksgiving, I made my very own magnolia garland using rope. I remember it being very difficult to get the garland to lay flat the way I wanted it to. Also, using this method typically requires more greenery.

I decided to use a traditional wired green garland to work the pieces of fresh greenery in and it worked great! The great thing about the wired garland is that you can continue to use it for years to come, therefore, saving yourself money in the long-run.

I began taking photos of this tutorial, but I realized it would be more confusing to use the images and explain in my writing, than it would be to just film what I did with my iPhone. I realize I'm not going to win any awards here on the quality of my video, but hey, I thought the video would help you guys out. 

Without further ado, here are my tips for putting together your very own garland.

( Also - for some reason I had the word "work wreath" on the brain...this is a work garland. )

Work gloves (optional)
Florist wire
Fresh greenery
Regular faux garland
Christmas music playing in the background :)

I hope these little tips helped you to build your very own gorgeous garland for your staircase!

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