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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Entryway Update

Quick & Inexpensive

Entryway Update

I've been trying to make our house more functional recently. A house can be beautifully decorated, but not practical for it's residents. Pinterest has so many stunning homes that provide inspiration but I've realized not all the decor would work for our home. We are in desparate need for more storage space. 

With both of us working out of our home, we have to split our closet spaces between personal items, cleaning items and business items. It has been a huge adjustment. I find myself sacrificing personal space for our businesses all of the time. 


Our entryway has been a space in our home that has left me scratching my head. It's a small space with two windows adjacent to the door. I love the idea of making it into a mini mudroom, but the windows and doggy dining station have been getting in the way of that dream. 

We needed a spot to put keys, jackets, bags and dog items. I was walking the aisles of Target this weekend hoping for something that would provide inspiration. With our home being a rental, I needed a quick fix that was inexpensive and removable. I found these pretty brushed gold hooks and instantly decided to buy them and see if they would work for the space. I got lucky because they only had three left in stock!

I took down our chalkboard and moved it to the kitchen to repurpose it as a menu board. After measuring the wall, I decided on the placement of our new hooks. It only took me about 20 minutes to create this simple but drastic update to our entry. 

More storage space!!


Here's how I did it.

Begin by measuring the full length of the wall you want to hang your hooks on. I wanted them to be centered on the wall, so I measured 12 inches from the left and the right of the wall and made a mark. After those marks were measured out, I moved my measuring tape and measured from mark to mark to find the center and made an additional x. Following that, I took my hooks and placed each one on the wall where the mark was, tracing the inside of each hole on the wall. To make sure my new marks were level, I used my laser level to create a line down the entire wall so that each hook hole was level with the next.

From there, because each hook holds up to 35 lbs, I decided an anchor wasn't necessary. I began drilling each hook into the wall with the help of my husband.

I love the simple new look of this space. 

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