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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Little House of Chic Favorites

Welcome to Little House of Chic! This blog is all about keeping your home beautiful and chic on a dime, including entertaining guests, cooking, decor, DIY and so much more. For my very first post, I wanted to introduce a few products you may or may not be aware of that I swear by!

Why I like them? The Niven Morgan Candle will make your entire place smell amazing. The candle is a bit pricey, but the life of the candle is much longer than other candles I've been used to (and trust me I've tried a ton of candles! :) ). 
The Sonos Speaker is one of the best one I've ever owned! I've always been a bit of a gadget person, and these are definitely some of the best on the market. What I like about them is that you can play the music through an app on your phone, and unlike most speakers that will ping when you get a notification, these will not. You can also play different stations in different rooms of your house, which is perfect for entertaining! 
Electronics are all over the house here at LHOC, but that doesn't mean that they can't look chic! I am oozing over these marble covers for laptops. They come in black and white and an array of plain colors.
If you're like me, you enjoy a clean house but hate putting in the time to maintain it. The Mint Floor cleaner is similar to a Roomba, but instead of vacuuming it sweeps and mops. You can even set it up on a timer! This little robot will save you countless hours cleaning your floors and maintain your beautiful hardwood floors! Truly a great investment.
Last but certainly not least, the Antica Farmacista room spray smells like a botanical garden and actually covers up bad scents. When I'm in a hurry to make the house smell great and mask the smell of my pup, I give a squirt or two of this magical spray in each room and it does the job. A little goes a long way, and for $28.00 it's a steal!

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  1. I also LOVE the Niven Morgan candles as well as Antica Farmacista orange blossom, lilac & jasmine scent! Definitely great buys.


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