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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bar Cart 3 Ways

A good hostess NEEDS a bar cart....yes I capitalized 'needs'. Although this has become a recent trend in decorating, the idea of keeping refreshments and spirits for guests at their leisure has been a long-standing tradition for several homes for decades now.

One thing I have noticed (much on Pinterest) is the lack of variety of bar cart stacks. To me, they all seem to mimic one another to some extent....keep in mind this is my own opinion.  Blue and white accents have been extremely popular, as well as the striped paper straw and the lucite polka-dot cups and ice holders. And while all these designs are easy to mimic and give off a polished and very cute look, I figured we could use a little originality. 

The other problem I've noticed is, while I see beautifully-assembled carts flooding Southern Living and the likes of them, it is rare that you can find all the pieces to create the cart you've fallen in love with from their immaculate photos. So for those of you also caught in this rut, I've taken some time to put together 3 different carts with links to their make-up and my idea on how to assemble them.

The Girly One

I am what you would call a girly-girl. I love pink, gold and white. The balance of these three colors makes me elated. 
For my fellow girly-girls, I put together a cart that features that theme. I wanted to keep the theme feminine, sophisticated, floral, and simple. I paired silver with gold and old with new. The mix of very modern pieces like the lucite bottle container and the bar cart itself keep the general theme from feeling too out-dated. It freshens the look and keeps it current. I added some nostalgic touches like the coupe champagne glasses and the mint julep cup because, although vintage in essence, the shape and daintiness of them makes you feel oh-so-feminine when holding them.
For this arrangement, I linked a faux-arrangement of peonies, however, I tend to prefer fresh flowers if I can get them.

How I would stack this bar car:

The Manly One

As mentioned in my previous post, my significant other is quite the manly-man. Therefore, I have had to keep my tastes centered on pleasing both parties. Recently I have been working on his office area and one of the things that I have been brainstorming is a very masculine and sophisticated way to put together a cart for his meeting space.

You'll notice I used a lot of black here. I wanted to keep this cart manly and eye-catching, trendy yet refined and most importantly for a man's room: functional.
Here I used an old-school looking bar cart and added some age-old pieces such as the low-ball glasses and horn accents. Although some may think adding a flower arrangement to a masculine area seems strange, I think it adds mystique and sparks curiosity if done correctly. Here I used a black orchid.

How to stack it:

The One for the Beach

With the summer approaching I wanted to add a beach-themed bar cart. 
My folks recently retired to the beach and we just spent the week at their new home. Their place sits right on the water and in the mornings you can see fish flying out of the water and dolphins swimming by. It was really hard to leave!! 
While I was sitting outside one morning, I started thinking of what their cart could use.

I tried to keep this theme upscale but still somewhat 'cute' so it is more approachable to guests. If you've ever been to a beach house, you know that the decor screams "YOU ARE AT THE OCEAN" with mermaids, fishing gear, mounted fish on the walls...the works. However, in this case, I wanted to add elements of the beach theme with small details rather than having it be the over-arching look. 

I give you, the beachy bar cart:

Stacking your beachy bar cart:

Ahhhh... Don't you hear "If You Like Pina Coladas" playing in the background by Jimmy Buffett? ..maybe that's just me. 

I hope I urged you all to create a great-looking bar cart in your own home. Please comment below which one you guys like best! Coming up next are easy to make and FREE flower arranging ideas as well as a great idea for Easter Brunch next weekend. Talk to you all soon!

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